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The opportunity to capture on canvas the beauty of color and light makes my heart sing!

Bobbie Lovell - Biography

Painting to me is pure excitement. A sunlight ray highlighting one trillium on a forest floor of dozens of other trilliums causes me to want to capture that instant before it fades.


Born in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and a life long Tennessee resident, Bobbie Lamons Lovell paints scenes and memories from her life in the rural countryside. Much of her work is still life using treasures of hand made items by her grandparents and other family members which bring smiles of remembrances to the painting viewers. Hikes in the mountains are sources of inspiration especially when the plethora of wildflowers dot the trails and stream banks. Trying to capture the delicacy of a Showy Orchis or a Lady Slipper is a task that never grows tiring.


A long time student of accomplished artist, Arline Hoff, who taught that one looks at an apple one way to eat it and another way to paint it, Bobbie learned the fundamentals of oil painting which she carries out in her daily painting at her studio on the shores of Douglas Lake in East Tennessee. Using only primary colors as her palette and working from life, her paintings reflect the spirit and heart of the artist to the viewer.


Each painting session I strive to present a reasonable accounting of my feelings about the subject of the day. 


I hope you enjoy viewing my work. My beloved daughter once said, "Oh, Mom, what an Architect we have !" 


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